It ain't hot, unless it's "Sofa King" Hot!!

A Sauce that's 20 years in the making....

You read it correctly, I named my sauce "SOFA KING" Hot Sauce and believe me, it's exactly that....HOT!!
Depending on the time of year, I try my best to use the freshest ingredients and to use products that are grown locally.  Trying to support local farmers right??  After all, good things grow in Ontario!  That means,  no pesticides, fertilizers and NO PRESERVATIVES!   Its as organic is it could possibly be.  Everything including the Peppers themselves.  Now, I'm not going to tell you ALL of my ingredients because its a secret that's 20 years in the making.....

It started back when I was in Grade 6.  Me and my buddies at the time would go home and try to make the hottest sauces possible.  Next day we'd meet at recess and taste test each others sauces!!  After a few recesses, and a PAINFUL trip to the nurses office (Because I used my finger to taste and didn't wash my hands.  All it took was a simple eye rub!!) I fell in love with Hot sauce!
I know, cheesy story but I like it!! 

Twenty Years later, and I think I mastered it!  Now, What I will tell you is that I let my sauce age as long as possible. Preferably a year before using it. Believe me, it takes a while for the flavors to truly show themselves. 

The everyday Tabasco sauce rates at about 4000 Scoville units.  (Heat rating)
                             The Bhut Jolokia..... OVER 1 MILLION!! 

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